Do you make Salsa Cutthroat Frame Bags?

We do! Rogue Panda has templates on hand for all years and sizes of the Cutthroat, no need to send us any photos. To order a bag for your cutty, first select which type of frame bag you want (Partial, Full or Double Decker). Then scroll down to the Add a Note box (right above the Add-to-Cart button) and enter the year (or version) and size. For example:

"Salsa Cutthroat V2 56cm"*

If you'd like to order a direct-mount frame bag, that's under the Bag Attachments section. See our article on bolt-on bags for more information.

*If you're unsure whether you have a V1 (2016-2019) or V2 (2020-present), the V2 has bolts underneath the top tube and the V1 does not.